Supporting several zwave frequencies simultaneously with OPENHAB on RPI3

Does OPENHAB support using both RaZberry and UZB stick on the same Raspberry Pi in order to support 908.4MHz, 908.42MHz and 916MHz frequencies simultaneously?

Wouldn’t that be illegal using those non region frequencies? If detected of course.

All these frequencies are allowed in the US, as I read.

From an openHAB point of view, it’s just two ZWave controllers on different serial ports, so the answer is yes.
You cannot use openHAB to configure any of the controllers to use a specific frequency, but you can use the Z-Way software to do that.

There’s different RaZberry / UZB versions, each to cover a specific range:

ZMEERAZ2: Version for all frequencies around 868 MHz (like EU, Russia, India, default is EU).
ZMEARAZ2: Version for all frequencies around 921 MHz (like Australia, Korea, Brasil, default is Australia)
ZMEURAZ2: Version for all frequencies around 908 MHz (like USA; Israel, default is USA)

I assume you have the latter and Z-Way should be offering you those frequencies (although I don’t know if it can handle multiple controllers, so eventually you might need to unplug one of them for that purpose).

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Thanks for the info.
If I understood, the frequency setting command does not contain the target controller ID.
It “assumes” that there is one controller at a time.
In that case it will be better to configure the UZB controller(s) first and then the Razberry controller.