Survey - Best Smart Switches in the US

I’m contemplating (or planning) to change several switches in my home. I have a multitude of switches (SPST, SPDT, DPDT, dimmer, fan …). Some of them have a neutral wire, others do not.

Ideally I’d like to stick with the SAME manufacturer, assuming one makes all variations. From my initial search, it seems not all options are available/covered from a single source

Any experience/advice regarding:

  1. Available Options (SPST, DPDT, dimmer, fan, …)
  2. Durability
  3. Cost
  4. Protocol/Technology used
  5. Something that won’t become obsolete in 5 years

I have found the Zooz switches to work well. I have one for my basement stairs. The Zooz switch works together with a regular switch so I have control at both the top & bottom of the stairwell.

Zooz support is exceptional and I think they have a solution for no neutral wire. They are working with us to insure all their latest devices are supported by our Z-Wave binding.

Their store, with other Z-Wave devices too, is at

Many other Z-Wave switches require their “slave switches” for multiple switches on the same circuit. Zooz does not work that way. They use your old switches too.

Check out the Shelly products.

I use them with MQTT and am very happy with them.

I’ve recently discovered the Inovelli z-wave switches, they seem to work with or without a neutral, can use any switch for the companion in a 3-way, support notification, scenes, etc. and are only like $40 each. I haven’t picked up any yet but I will be soon and all the reviews i’ve seen look very promising

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