Switch and state on same line?

Not sure if this is possible.
I have a switch Item (Main Gate) to control my main gate via mqtt, All is working well but I wonder if it is possible to have the state of the gate as well as the switch on the same line? As a picture tells a 100 words this is what I want to do.
Current State

What I would like to have

Items page is as follow
Switch main_gate_gate “Main Gate” { mqtt=">[broker:openhab/main_gate/POWER2:command:*:default],<[broker:stat/main_gate/POWER2:state:default]" }

String main_gate_status “Gate Status [%s]” { mqtt="<[broker:openhab/main_gate/status:state:default]" }

Would it be possible to include both Items into one line in the site map?

Once you know what to search for it makes it a bit easier :slight_smile:
It seems like you cant have a switch and a string on the same line.

I ended up using the Visibility trick. Where by a switch state is show if the gate is open or closed for future reference here is my setup.

String main_gate_stat “Main Gate [%s]” { YOURBINDING :state:default]" }
String main_gate_stat1 "Main Gate1 [%s] “{YOURBINDING:state:JSONPATH($.Switch3)]” }

Switch item=main_gate_gate visibility=[main_gate_stat==“OFF”,main_gate_stat2==“OFF”] mappings=[“ON”=“Open Gate”] icon="garagedoor"
Switch item=main_gate_gate visibility=[main_gate_stat==“ON”,main_gate_stat2==“ON”] mappings=[“ON”=“Close Gate”] icon=“garagedoor”

This way when the gate is open only the close gate switch is visible and when the gate is closed the open gate is visible.
Works for me … until I think of something else :joy::rofl: