Switch between sitemaps in Basic UI

In the habdroid I can switch between sitemaps easily by using the menu:

(other example)

Is there a easy way to do it in basic UI? Currently I use sitemap “cowen” as default in paper, so if I start basic UI a will see a overview about all sitemaps:

But after I selected one it would be nice to switch back without changing the url…
Maybe it is possible to add a function behind the home icon? -> start default sitemap which is configurated in the paper ui:

If you leave the “Default Sitemap” empty you’ll always see the Available sitemaps list first.

Going back to the list by clicking the home icon is a good idea and you should open a feature request issue for that: https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue%20is%3Aopen%20label%3AUI-BasicUI



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I just realized that we are expecting different behavior.

  • the icon should be a navigation button
  • when inside a sitemap, clicking the home icon opens up the list of available sitemaps
  • when inside the list, the home button
    • has no effect
    • opens the default sitemap (if defined)

I’m not sure about the second part.

Additionally, if the behavior was changed as my first bullet point suggests, there should be a different icon (hamburger menu) shown.


Hmm it is tricky. Both behaviors makes sense…
But I think with my suggestion we are more flexible

For example. If a user has only one sitemap (maintained in Paper ui) then it make no sense to show the overview. With click on home button it will call the default sitemap.

If a user has several sitemaps and want to see a overview they can let the default sitemap empty or “cowen”. The home button shows then the list of sitemaps.

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Is it possible to switch dynamically from openhab browser page between different sitemaps ?
Like replace in classicui.cfg
org.eclipse.smarthome.classicui:defaultSitemap=sitemap1 -> sitemap2

If I am within a sitemap I cannot go to the selection page. So in my case… if I set a default sitemap it’s not possible to switch to another. Any ideas?

Desktop page. App is working

Is there any update? I am currently facing the same problem or missing feature. In the App I can easily switch between Sitemaps in the browser there is no easy way to switch between sitemaps. And if I set a “Default Sitemap” for “Basic UI” via “Paper UI” there seem to be no possible way to switch.

you are right! There is no possible way to switch!

When running BasicUI in a browser I’m using (oldfashioned) links.