Switch between sitemaps in Basic UI

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In the habdroid I can switch between sitemaps easily by using the menu:

(other example)

Is there a easy way to do it in basic UI? Currently I use sitemap “cowen” as default in paper, so if I start basic UI a will see a overview about all sitemaps:

But after I selected one it would be nice to switch back without changing the url…
Maybe it is possible to add a function behind the home icon? -> start default sitemap which is configurated in the paper ui:


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If you leave the “Default Sitemap” empty you’ll always see the Available sitemaps list first.

Going back to the list by clicking the home icon is a good idea and you should open a feature request issue for that: https://github.com/eclipse/smarthome/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue%20is%3Aopen%20label%3AUI-BasicUI



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I just realized that we are expecting different behavior.

  • the icon should be a navigation button
  • when inside a sitemap, clicking the home icon opens up the list of available sitemaps
  • when inside the list, the home button
    • has no effect
    • opens the default sitemap (if defined)

I’m not sure about the second part.

Additionally, if the behavior was changed as my first bullet point suggests, there should be a different icon (hamburger menu) shown.



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Hmm it is tricky. Both behaviors makes sense…
But I think with my suggestion we are more flexible

For example. If a user has only one sitemap (maintained in Paper ui) then it make no sense to show the overview. With click on home button it will call the default sitemap.

If a user has several sitemaps and want to see a overview they can let the default sitemap empty or “cowen”. The home button shows then the list of sitemaps.

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(Jozef Szabo) #6

Is it possible to switch dynamically from openhab browser page between different sitemaps ?
Like replace in classicui.cfg
org.eclipse.smarthome.classicui:defaultSitemap=sitemap1 -> sitemap2


(Markus Frosch) #7

If I am within a sitemap I cannot go to the selection page. So in my case… if I set a default sitemap it’s not possible to switch to another. Any ideas?

Desktop page. App is working


(Christian Krausse) #8

Is there any update? I am currently facing the same problem or missing feature. In the App I can easily switch between Sitemaps in the browser there is no easy way to switch between sitemaps. And if I set a “Default Sitemap” for “Basic UI” via “Paper UI” there seem to be no possible way to switch.


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you are right! There is no possible way to switch!