Switch buttons not being diplayed on sitemap

Something really funny is going on with my sitemap file.
I have swritten down the code for sitemap as:
sitemap home label=“Home one”
Frame label=“room one”
Switch item=bedroomlight "bedroom light"
Switch item=fan “fan”
Frame label=“bathroom”
Switch item=bathroomlight “bathroom light”

And somehow only the bedroom light is being displayed rom the first frame
And the second frame is missing altogether.
I have declared all the switch items in home.items file properly
What am i supppsed to do?

Load the file into Designer and see if it finds any syntax errors that are not apparent.

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Can you actually have a frame within a frame? Because that’s what the code says.

Are the items all defined in the .items file ?

They are two sepearte frames within sitemap and arent nested

Oh yeah, it’s my eyes on the tablet :grinning:

@rlkoshak i checked it and it couldnt find any syntactical errors. I also tried grouping the switches and then displaying groups on sitemap as given in the demo files, but it displays just first two groups. And i would want you to know that everything was working absolutely fine till day before yesterday before openhab crashed nd i had to do a fresh installation .since then i havent been able to display the ui properly using sitemaps

@rlkoshak This is what is being displayed.

Please help me out with it and this is the 5th time i have done a fresh installation of openhab in the past 24hours.
Maybe there is some binding that i need to install or something

I think that you are missing the label= parts

Switch item=bedroomlight label="bedroom light"
Switch item=fan label="fan"
Switch item=bathroomlight label="bathroom light"

Use ESHD (0.80) as @rlkoshak proposed

Yes, the missing label= does seem to be a problem.

As a side note, it is so much easier for you and for us to look at and understand code when it is properly indented. when you have an { everything after that until the matching } should be indented.

sitemap default label="Advanced Smart Home"
    Frame label="Bedroom"
        Switch item=BedroomLight label="Bedroom Light" icon=light