Switch/Color Combo

I know their is currently no single item file that can both turn on and off a color/dimmer bulb and also control its color in all 1 item.

And I know you can create separate items for the switch and color item and use visibility as well, but that it still using 2 separate items.

The Hue App does this nicely and the Imperihome widgets also does this nicely with 1 ‘widget’ that you can both control ON and OFF and set the color/dimmer levels.

So…I wondering what can maybe done via some mappings, json transformation, or other options. For example, if you could take a mapping of Switch like this, and then someone when pressing Color it would open the color wheel for the item.

Switch item=MyColorBulb mappings=[ON='On', OFF='Off', COLORWHEEL='Color']

Are you sure? Color works as expected for me, though I have to admit, that I only use it to control a RGB chain of lights (non standard hardware…)

Color works as expected, but I’m hoping to have an ON|OFF option with a Color item. Currently, you need to click and hold left arrow to Dim down to 0 to turn off. It would be great if you could simply turn off a color item in one step.

So yes, you can setup a Color item as both a Switch and Colorpicker, but now you need 2 items vs 1.

Edit… Sorry.

I don’t remember the right and left arrows turning them on and off. I remember them working as dimming options.

If it’s ok to have two items in the sitemap, you could use Switch item=coloritem to get an additional switch. If necessary, you could add a mapping OFF="OFF"

In question of color items in rules, you can use coloritem.sendCommand(new HSBType(H,S,B)) to control hue, saturation and brightness.

Think I was editing my earlier post when you responded.

So Yeah, the right and left arrows do exactly what I wanted, turning them On and Off. Do you know if its possible to override the arrow images to say ON or OFF.

Ideally, I would like a Switch and showed On | Off | colorwheel vs the arrows on the right and left of the colorwheel.

No, I don’t think this is possible.
Of course you could use HABPanel, but I avoided that to date, 'cause I think it’s a bit complex… :wink: