Switch doesn't turn off

I’m just getting used to OH3 and creating my model. I created a first item of the type switch.

Switch · Point

and linked to a channel

Light kitchen / dining room
homematic: HG-HM-LC-Sw2-FM: Homegear: KEQ0926587: 2 # STATE

that works really well so far. Unfortunately, only switch this on :slight_smile:

I can see this in the log file: Item ‘eLight_Groundfloor_Kitchen_2_STATE’ received command ON

however, nothing happens when I turn it off again. There is also no event in the log file.

Does anyone here have an idea why this could be.


Maybe this:

In short, try using a different device like your phone to toggle the switch.

Thanks for the fast answer. I will try a different device and wait for a fix.