Switch for Light, Temp and roller shutter


I am looking for a switch which looks like this.
Interface doesn’t really matter(Wifi, Zigbee,…). It must only act as an input device, it must not be an actor itself.
Any suggestions?


Do you want a wired solution or wireless?


And i forgot to say, i do have 230V at the place where it should be mounted.

Oh, okay.

That eliminates anything I would suggest.

I’m sure other people will suggest options.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Curve ball suggestion.

How about a small touch screen, with a temperature sensor (built-in or external)?

I doubt you’ll find such a specific device.
If it needs to be “compact” … maybe Homematic HM-PB-4Dis-WM-2?

If you could use KNX, then there are devices like this, but that is not wireless and you can´t use 230V.


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