Switch for roller shutter on local network

Hello everyone,

I would want to automate my roller shutter with connected switch.
Actually they have dumb switch with down/up/stop button.
I have an installation of openhab on a raspberry pi 3b+, i don’t want cloud connected switch, I just want it on my local network (and connected with openhab/Alexa)
I have a hue bridge ( Can I add some non official zigbee switch on it?)
I don’t know if wifi/zigbee/zwave or rf is better for this usage.
I can buy and zigbee/zwave/rf usb key for raspberry if needed.
Do you have any idea on this?
I can DIY if possible.

cheapest is better (I think)

Thank’s for your help.

Some possible solutions:

  • Shelly2.5 (install it behind the original switches)
  • Sonoff Touch T2 (I have 9 of them, flashed with tasmota 8.2)

Shellies use either Shelly Binding or mqtt, Sonoffs with tasmota are mqtt only. As both of them use wifi, you won’t need additional hardware (at least if there is wifi at your home :wink: )

Thank’s for your response.
I’ll check that.
I have wifi at home :partying_face:
They can work on local network only without proprietary cloud apps? and no problem to wire the sonoff touch t2 to a roller shutter? they look light switch on/off, so I don’t know

The Sonoff Touch T2 is a dual switch. With the current Tasmota version, it can be configured as a Rollershutter Switch (i.e. Ch1 is UP, CH2 is DOWN, interlock, duration for up/down and, if set correctly, direct positioning) With Tasmota it’s wlan and mqtt only, no cloud.

Perfect, I will go with that. They’re cheap too.
Thanks for your help.