Switch from Sitemap to OH3 Pages, is it possible?

[tl;dr]: I have created a OH3 UI Tabbed page. I would to use this page on my openHAB app instead of the sitemap, but when I switch to OH3 interface, I cannot make this page the starting page.

Whole story:
For years we have been using the same sitemap for our android (me) and iPhone (wife) phones.
This is what it looks like:

I did some tests with the “new” OH3 interface and liked how it allows me to create a responsive layout. So I planned on switching our phone apps to the OH3 interface. I “recreated” the " sitemap layout, in a format that I like (and that my wife wants to use too).

This is what I created:

But now when I switch to openHAB3 UI, it starts on the overview page. My Tabbed page can be made available on the sidebar but that is additional clicks: I would like it to start on my oh tabbed page. Is there a way to do this?

I think that’s not supposed to work. Maybe coincidence or intentional because the standard overview (main) page is a tabbed page itself.
But there’s plenty of other design options. Keep playing with the system until you discover a better one.

No, it is possible with some effort, see here

Within iOS app, you can set any page to be the landing page with just some clicks in the settings.

Although the various display frames of the MainUI are called pages, you shouldn’t really confuse them with standalone web pages. MainUI is really an app, and just like many of your other apps, it starts on the same launch point which lets you then navigate to other aspects of the app.

@hmerk just posted the same tutorial I was going to point out, as one option, but really, an even easier option is to work with the MainUI app and not circumvent it. Before you go through all these hacks, think about how to just use the overview page to be that main starting page that you’ve got.

It is a little trickier in your case, because you’ve created your own tabbed page which isn’t fully compatible with the overview page, but there’s actually nothing special about the tabbar on tab pages except for some formatting. With a little bit of rearrangement you can build your own tabbar like series of links that will then navigate to their own pages or simply hide/show different section of a single page. For an excellent example of this right now, check out the work that’s being done here:


Thank you all for your replies.

Because I think that is good advice (@mstormi made the same remark) I will have a look at that main widget and see if that gets me to where I want to :slight_smile: