Switch is going OFF, should be ON


I have switch:

Switch PhilipsCeilingToggle "On / Off" [ "Lighting" ] { channel="miio:generic:be858737:toggle" }

When Switch is ON and I try (by Google Home) to “toogle” it to ON again (from ON->ON) then it goes to OFF state.

This switch works propertly (If I try ON->ON then still is ON):

Switch sonoff_sypialnia_kule "Kule"(AllLightsGroup) 	[ "Lighting" ]

How to prevent first switch against incorrect change?

Does it only toggle when you are trying to change it via google home?
I’m really not familiry with teh MIIO / Xiaiomi binding, but could the keyword “toggle” in your channel be the problem? Maybe the binding interprets that as a switch that toggles the state everytime it received the ON command.

Just a wild guess from my side.

Can I override “toggle action” by rule? Something rule like this:

if toggle received command ON and toggle is ON then do nothing…

Yes, you do implement such workaround
You will need to use a “dummy” item that will receive the commands and then with a rule, you will “filter” the commands to the “real” item.