Switch light on with Netatmo Presence motion detection

i would like to switch on the lights with the motion detection from netatmo presence camera. who knows whats the best way to realize it?
other ideas?

BR Dave

Do you have the motion detection device as an item in openHAB?
If yes, just create a rule which is triggered by the change of the item and in the body of that rule do a sendcommand to the item which is linked to your ligth.

Hi Jürgen
i forgot to mention that i do not have the motion detection as a switch item. therefore i m asking which way would be the best. the netatmo binding does not support the motion detection at the moment

Sorry, but since I don’t have any Netatmo device I can’t help on that one.

Only a year behind on this one but I’ve just stumbled across it…might be useful for someone

I had the same thing with my Arlo cameras, I used IFTTT webhook to trigger on a motion detection from the camera, webhook to a dummy item ON in openhab and then run a rule based on if ‘dummymotionitem’ changed to then run the rule…