Switch position and temperature on graph

(Hradocan) #1

I’m collecting data from my HeatPump and trying to analyze it. I want to make a graph with outside temperature, outside injection temperature, HP output water temperature and correlate it with HP compressor ON/OFF (switch item).
I put all items into same group (logging everything in Influxdb and rrd4j), but it doesn’t show it.
What is the best way to show it? Should I rather use Grafana?

(Rich Koshak) #2

I’d recommend using Grafana. You will have a lot more control over the look and be able to use a separate Y-axis for the switches. I assume you’ve seen the tutorial.

With the default charting servlet your ON/OFF switch will be plotted on the same scale as your temperatures so will likely be unable see the difference between 0/OFF and 1/ON on a scale that goes to 38 C (100 F) on the chart.

I do something similar, charting the inside temperatures of the three floors of my house with the outside temperature and the on/off state of my house fan and heater. It works great in Grafana.

( ) #3

I’d second that. Grafana is really great and is getting better constantly. Just the other day they released version 4.0.

(Hradocan) #4

Thank you. I installed it by recommended tutorial (Grafana 4.01 for RPi from https://github.com/fg2it/grafana-on-raspberry ).
This is my first dashboard.

(Tomibeck) #5

I think its also worth mentioning HABPanel here as well. easy setup through the gui and can create some really impressive graphs as well ( Dynamic Graphs with two different y scales etc. And defiantly easier to install-