Switch state change (rule) not applied from HABmin, while working from BasicUI


I created a simple switch, sitemap and rule (see below) and while the rule is being triggered from BasicUI sitemap, it doesn’t work from HABmin site map. Am I doing something wrong, is it a bug, a feature? As I’m quite new to OH I just want to make sure it’s the expected way of working.

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Switch TestSwitch "Test Switch"


sitemap do label="Casa" {

	Frame label="Prueba" {
		Switch item=TestSwitch


rule "TestSwitch rule"
when Item MyItem changed
	logInfo("TestSwitch", "Cambiado")

HABmin is mainly used for configuration of zwave devices. There are some limitations in the other functions at the moment which are already been addressed.
I don’t recommend to use PaperUI or HABmin as a graphical user interface for your sitemap/items, instead use BasicUI, ClassicUI or HABPanel.

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thanks! Yes, as I was using HABmin for zwave configuration it was handy to have the sitemap and switches on the same UI, but I’ll follow your guidance and switch to BasicUI for user interface.