Switch working in Paper UI but not in SiteMap


I have a switch working perfectly in PaperUI Control which is great. I have added the switch in sitemap via the .sitemap file and it is showing only it doesn’t switch the light on when I toggle the switch. I suppose it doesn’t know the connection (guess) Am I missing a step in linking it? Or does anyone have an idea on what I am doing incorrectly please?

Very new to this but it is progressing quite well so far.

You are not posting any information to help us help you. We cannot “just make the pain go away” magically.

Wow that’s a bit rude lol. I have stated what I have done and googled alot on how to link openhab sitemap to a paperui control and thought that I would use this forum for the first time and get that posted. Geez man what’s your problem? Isn’t this a forum for people that need help? If not then I do apologise.

You posted no Item or Sitemap information to help us diagnose your problem.We are not mind readers.

Good job your not mate. First post on this site ever. You could have said. Here is my sitemap file:

sitemap home label=“My-SmartHouse”
Frame label=“Bedroom”
Switch item=BedroomLights

   Frame label="Demo"
           Switch item=DEMOSW
   Frame label="Garden"
           Switch item=LightsOne
       Switch item=LightsTwo
   Frame label="Hall"
           Switch item=HallLight			   
   Frame label="Lounge"
           Switch item=LoungeLight	
       Switch item=TV	
   Frame label="Other"
           Switch item=TestCheer
       Switch item=Robo500
       Text item=mqtt_kitchen_gas icon="gas"
       Switch item=TapestryOne


All other items work correctly except the Robo500 and mqtt Kitchen one as they we guide that I tried and failed with lol. Strange that the TapestryOne is not working. That is the one that I am trying to get to work. If I go to PaperUi and control and try switching on the thing called TapestryOne then the device switches on perfectly.

This is the item config in the .items file:

Switch TapestryOne “Tapestry One” [Switchable]

What’s a we guide?

Okay, the “Switch” and “Text” and so on that you put in a sitemap tell the UI what widget to use to display/control that Item. The widget isn’t directly related to the Item type.
So …

You cannot control anything with that. Regardless of what type of Item mqtt_kitchen_gas is, the Text widget instructs the UI to display just text without any controls.

Alright, let’s look at that.

Switch item=TapestryOne

This looks good, the UI will show a switch widget.


Switch TapestryOne “Tapestry One” [Switchable]

The Item type is Switch, so that looks good too. The name matches, so when you click the switch in the UI it will send an ON or OFF command to your Item.

You can check that by looking in the events.log file.

The Item does not appear to be linked to any channel or binding, so nothing else will happen. What were you expecting to happen?

To look into that we would like to see the Item definition for that as well.
Perhaps you could look into your events.log to see what happens there.

Got it finally. In the items the name for mosquitto devices is blahblah_tapestryone. Added that and the light finally came on great!

Thanks for the suggestions.