Apologies, I just assumed that with a web installation on an ESP32 would be quite easy, and then receiving MQTT states (stateTopic) for all the implemented SwitchBot devices, and being able to control them with MQTT commands (commandTopic) would be manageable with so many other MQTT tutorials already in the forum. But as DrRSatzteil stated above, it’s not for everyone, especially if there is no previous experience with MQTT.

Unfortunately, since I’m using all textual configurations, I’m not the best one to give an easy tutorial either, but a search for OpenMQTTGateway or the above mentioned gateway should come up with many results for other device’s implementations, adhering to the same paradigm. And once familiar with the general OpenHAB MQTT functionality it opens up a a wide range of future device possibilities, without the need for specific bindings or scripts.

EDIT - a tutorial has just been posted