Switching from 2.3 stable to 2.4 snapshot (and back)


I am running openhabian 1.4 with OH2.3 stable on a raspi 3 and would like to test a new binding on the 2.4 snapshot.
If I switch from 2.3 stable to 2.4 (using openhabian-config) can I also convert back on the same way?
I am scared that I will mess up my system…

Normally the risk is relatively small. However, the development version of the zwave binding as recently merged which has a number of breaking changes and there might be others as well. So upgrading will be a little more work than usual (you have to recreate all your Things) and going back will not be as easy. Of course, if you make a good backup of your 2.3 and test that the backup works, then going back won’t be too much of a problem, just remove the 2.4 version, resinstall 2.3 and restore from your backup.

But if you want to upgrade to 2.4 then downgrade back to 2.3 with your configs in place then you might run into trouble and will definitely run into trouble with zwave right now.

Thanks Rich.
Major changes on zwave might be a no go, because I have limited time right now.
Whenever 2.4 will be released I don’t have a choice to face these major changes though.

I usually do a backup (clone) of my SSD - but I did never try to put it back on the system.
I just trust that it’s working :-o
Maybe now would be a good opportunity to test it before upgrading :wink:

In the security biz we have an old saying. An untested backup is no backup at all. :wink:

I wouldn’t upgrade to the snapshot until you are ready for the zwave changes. I haven’t done it myself just yet, but the procedure you need to make is pretty simple. See ZWave binding updates for details. The big thing is you need to remove your zwave Things (except the controller) and then rediscover them. But, to go back to OH 2.3 you would need to do this process again.

So true.

In Germany there is a saying: “Mut zur Lücke” (“Courage for the gap”) which is somthing like “no risk, no fun” :wink:
Creating the things back in my first steps into OH caused me some headache, so you’re probably right, not to switch yet.
Again - thanks for your assessment.

Hi to all.
Can someone tell me the command to downgrade from 2.4M5 to 2.3 stable?
I don’t use zwave😁.
Thanks and greetings,