Switching Z-Wave Stick

Hello Everybody,

I am pretty new to OH and even more new to z-wave. Currently I am running OH 2.3 using a ZMEEUZB1. So far, it works more or less, I have some issues finding the best position for my Raspi. Anyhow, I have the feeling that my z-wave network is pretty messed up (nodes appear which arent really there, exisiting nodes are shown offline, …) So I would want to build the whole network again from the scratch. And I want to make use of the Aeon Controller, mainly because off the offline inclusion feature, and, in addition, I was reading that it might have a wider range.
What I am planning to do is:

  • factory reset all my z-wave senors/actors
  • offline include them with the AEON Stick
  • migrate to OH 2.4
    And at this point, I need some advice:
    Should I first perform the migration and then provision the AEON to OH and start the inclusion? Or should I install the new stick before performing the update?

thank you!

In addition to factory resetting the devices, you will need to exclude them from your old controller before you can include them in your new controller. Here’s a primer:

If you can’t get the devices excluded through OpenHAB, their is an open cource Windows program called ZSend that does a good job, but I can’t find it on the developers site https://z-wave.me/
Let me know if you need it.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for ur reply. I dont really understand why I will have to exclude the devices prior to a factory reset. But if you advise me to do so, I will follow. I thought reseting a z-wave device will delete all the associations the device had stored.
It would be very kind if you could provide me with ZSend as I cant find it. Resetting the devices was my idea because I dont want to dismount all my devices just in order to exclude them…

I’d try migrating to 2.4 first before deciding on going for a new controller.
While that ‘offline’ capability is neat you won’t need it often any more while moving all devices IS a big amount of work.

In OH2.3, zwave network healing is disabled so it was easy to mess up the network. Now that’ll be back in 2.4 so it’s worth migrating first and check if that resolves your problems so you could stick with your existing HW.
You can still continue following your replacement plan after if that doesn’t fix it for you.

Thank you for yoour reply Markus.
I did the migration to 2.4 yesterday evening, but so far… the Z-Wave Network seems to be less stable compared to 2.3. Yesterday evening, everything was working fine, all window contacts were working perfect. This morning, only 2 out of 8 were working correctly. So I rebooted the Raspi, and tried to heal the not working devices. didnt work. I then had to reinitalize the not working devices, now its working. Hopefully this state will last…
edit: I am still using the old stick…

Don’t reboot. This does not start a network heal - that is automatically running @2am.
You followed the instructions for the upgrade (i.e. redo zwave things etc), didn’t you ?

Yep. I did the upgrade, deleted all z-wave things besides the Controller, uninstalled the binding, reinstalled the binding and started a search for the z-wave things. Once they appeared, I renamed them. And after this procedure, it was working. Is it possible that the 2am network heal messed up my devices as they were no longer working this morning? I will have to have an eye on this…