switchSupport for BasicUI

I´ve used switchSupport for Dimmer object in classicUI.
Now I want to update the design to the nice basicUI and want to use the switchSupport again but it didnt´t work, because the controls are different (like in the attached file)classic_basic.
How can I use the switchSupport in basicUI?

You can’t use switch support with basic UI, but why would you need it? In fact, you can click at the very beginning or the very end to “switch” light to 0 (OFF) or 100 (ON)…

Thank you Udo.
Yes. It´s easy to switch ON or OFF, but you cannot jump to that value, the light has been before it was switched off.
My idea is:
A click on the icon could do the switchSupport job.

I’m afraid, although very useful, you will have to open an issue for improvement, and I doubt there will be a programmer to do this improvement.
As a workaround (yes, not nice…) you can additionally link your item to a switch widget and use this to send ON.

Ok. I will try it. Thx Udo.