Symbolic links in conf/html


it seems, as if symbolic links in conf/html are not followed. Is there a way to enable this or must all content be placed directly in the conf/html folder and its subfolders?

Thanks for your help!


I think symbolic links are allowed but you have to make sure that the openhab user has read execute permissions on all the folders down to the folder containing the files in the link and has read permissions on all the files at that link.

I could be wrong though. I’m basing this off of a half remembered tutorial for working with IPcameras.

Thanks for the reply!

I tested this with all files and directories are owned by the user running openhab, using the OSC explorer this user can access the link and the target of the link, but when trying to serve the linked image via the Classic UI a “not found” error is shown. Serving the image directly works as expected. So I assumed, that maybe a config setting is missing?!

Maybe I’m wrong. I know that symbolic links don’t work from within Docker containers and that is how I run so I can’t test it myself.