Symetrix automix780 integration


First of all, greetings all.
I’m new to openhab. At the moment i’m rebuilding my house, and i’m going fully automated.
And i think I want to use openhab for the control.

I want to use an old but still very good digital audiomixer ‘Symetrix automix780’ for my audio. It can be externally controlled via UDP port 48630, with ASCII strings, Commands are sent with simple character strings with terms separated by spaces and completed with a carriage return character (ASCII code decimal 13 or hex $0D).

Is this possible with the tcp-udp binding, i’ve looked in to it myself. But i’m still very new to openhab. And I really don’t have the time right now to figured it out.
This is important for my wiring, the choice to go all the way digital, or go half analog.

I look foreword to learn openhab. But for now i’m mostly building and not behind the keyboard.