Synchronous Communication with Devices

Need some advices:

  1. Communication to Devices are via proprietary Wireless
  2. Sometime signal is bad and message can’t get through hence when you flip an openhab switch to ON it may not mean ON at the far end device
  3. My Openhab custom binding has a rollback mechanism that if after 2 second there is no ack response from far end device, the switch is flipped back to previous state
  4. I find this method a bit not user friendly and a bit funny because when a user flip a switch item, its intended state is not the actual device ON OFF state due to bad wireless communication until 2 second later.
  5. Questions:
    A. Do you have this problem with any wireless device? So you simply assume tht whenever user flip to ON and it is always assume ON even if it doesn’t reflect the actual state?
    B. If not how do use make use of existing openhab2 framework or features to enhance user experience with this kind of wireless setup?