Synology DiskStation package still at version 2.5.2?

I’ve been running OpenHAB on my Synology DiskStation for a while now and love it.

I’ve noticed that the .spk on the synology releases page hasn’t been updated since 2.5.2, but the installation packages for other platforms are now at 2.5.9.

Is there a reason for this? Anyway to get 2.5.9 as a .spk for synology? I would love to update my install to 2.5.9 :slight_smile:


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I am just looking into OpenHab and have this same question. I want to integrate some Insteon switches, but evidently you need 2.5.4 to get the new binding for Insteon…

Anyone know when Synology will get an update?

I noticed that there is a 3.0.0 but no spk to download.
I also tried to install the 2.5.2 but it is no tpossible to download the as it is not available as indicated in the install script.
Can anyone provide me the necessary files or pin point to a location were to download from?