Synology DS216+II configuration / audio output

I’ve successfully installed OpenHAB2 on my Synology DS216+II. I used the Synology Java app and at least the blank install web interface seems to be running fine.

The challenge now is accessing the configuration directory in a convenient manner. I tried the symbolic link method, but I end up with folders that are empty or don’t show up at all in the DiskStation file browser. The same folders show up as network shares, but I just get access denied messages.

I suppose I should copy the “/volume1/@appstore/openHAB2/userdata/config” directory to a shared directory, then copy it back once I’ve made edits? I’m a bit of a linux novice, so can someone provide the proper commands so that I don’t end up with permissions issues?

Another question: I want to make sure I can get audio output for announcements. I added a usb sound card and I’m able to play sound through the Audio Station app. Anyone either succeeded or failed in getting OpenHab to output sound on a Synology DiskStation?

I wanted to update this post with a working command that I found to play audio files on the device via ssh.

sudo /volume1/@appstore/AudioStation/bin/mplayer /var/services/music/xxx/xxx.mp3