Synology install wont create/link to /volume1/public/openHAB2


I’m trying to install openhab from the syno (manual)
I have /volume1/public/openHAB2 created with 777 on the dir.
I select /volume1/public/openHAB2 during install but it still goes to /volume1/@appstore

I did have OpenHAB 2.0x installed from 12 months ago, but uninstalled it.
I renamed openHAB2 to old, then recreated the openHAB2 directory.
I’ve tried multiple fresh installs and reboots etc. but no joy.
The config directory always goes to /volume1/@appstore

Are there any residual config files that could cause the problem.
Has anyone else come across this issue, as there are many synology installs around.

Any ideas would be very welcome

DSM 6.1.6-15266


Reply to myself, hopefully this helps others.

Link doc and install messages / instruction were different.

I was using it said to create “openHAB2”

The install script displays a message saying you need to create “openHAB”

It also says to create 3 additional directories conf, userdata & addons