Synology : launch problem when java7 and Java8 are present at reboot

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Suno DS216j ARM 32 bits
    • OS: DSM 6.2.1
    • Java Runtime Environment: Java 7 (7.0.171) and Java 8 (8.0.161)
    • openHAB version: 2.3.0
  • Issue of the topic: Java path not correct at reboot

I installed OpenHAB using the SPK (v []). As it requires Java8, I installed the packet right BEFORE the SPK, Java7 packet was already installed several weeks before.

INstalling in that condition works fine !
But at reboot, it doesn’t work anymore, because it says the Java version is not correct !

At the NAS reboot the $PATH points to Java7 (I guess that somehow the Java8 installation is not updating the env variable).
I guess that OpenHAB uses the $PATH variable to determine where to find the Java8 files. Which, in that case, is problematic.

I found nowhere a way to force OpenHAB to look into a specific directory for the Java8 files.
Is there a way to do so ?

(I would prefer not uninstalling Java7 nor modify $PATH env var because I’ve got other services relying on it).