Synology NAS openHAB 2.3 USB Serial Port ZStick Aeotec

Hello I’m new to openHAB. Have already included a lot. I have installed openHAB on my Synology. I would like to integrate the Zwave USB stick Aeotec 5.Gen. Unfortunately, the system does not find the serial port. The description explains how to bring the user openhab into the group dialout. Unfortunately I get an error message as shown on the picture. Is Linux different on Synology? Can someone help me?

post the output of:
ls -la /dev/ttyA*

also, if you’re just getting started you might want to go with a docker install of OH instead. the 2.3.0 spk gave me plenty of errors and the spk hasn’t been updated to 2.4 yet.

Docker installation. What is that? I had no errors on my installation.
See the screenshot.

OK I have the answer. You don’t need the ssh. You can config the parameters for the users direct in synology webgui.