Synology Startup Error

Installed version 2.5.2 on my Synology DS214 via the manual install method. There was an error while installing, which was the package was not signed. When I start the OH Manager I get a small window which states “coming soon”.Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 09.02.46

New to the OH family and looking for some guidance. Not sure if I missed something.
Any help will be much appreciated.


I believe the recommendation for Synology is to use the Docker install.
I could be wrong and it would not be the first time for that.

That’s normal behavior. Don’t click on the “Open” button, just look for the word “running” above the open button.

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Interesting spelling of “Coming” :wink:

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Ok it it does say that it is running. So, there is nothing else to do?

I’ll pick my way thru the documentation to get started.


If its running its time to start configuring openHAB. If you click on the URL on that Package Center screen it will take you to the main openHAB screen. If you’re following the tutorial you’ll want to click on PaperUI there.

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Thanks @JimH. Man does this ever load slooooow.

Once in the Start menu (Basic UI, etc) trying to go anywhere in there is also really slow. I was on a computer that is connected via cat5 and of course the NAS is as well.

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