Synology Surveillance Station no longer working

Dear community,

until some months ago, I had the cameras of my Synology Surveillance Station included in my OH2.5.3 Everything was working fine.

What I did in the meantime
1.) I updated my Synology DS218 to DSM7.0. Passwords were NOT changed.
2.) In my router, I detected some ports were open… so I closed them.

Now, the cameras of the Surveillance Station are not recognized anymore. Using Paper UI - Inbox - Binding for Synology Surveillance Station from Nils - “+”, nothing is detected…

My questions.
1.) Could the closing of the ports be an issue? I assume not, since the Synology and my OH2.5 on Raspberry are connected “within the house”.
2.) Anything I have to adjust after upgrading to Synology DSM? Within the Surveillance Station, the cameras are working BTW…
3.) Any other tipps and ideas how to detect the cameras again?

Thank you for your response in advance,
Doc MC

You could quickly test it by open them again.

how does your configuration look like ?
In case your external IP/DNS-Name is used then closing the port would be the problem.

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Hi Wolfgang,

thank you for your fast response. Both IPs are the same, except for the last number. Yesterday night I’ve seen, that there’s a new version of the binding specifically for the new DSM7.0 referring to a changed log-in or so. I’ve installed it, but it doesn’t work. So I assume, it’s not compatible with my - old - OH 2.5. I think it’s best to upgrade first to OH 3.1, bring all bindings to the latest state and then retest…

Best regards,
Doc MC