Synology: Would like to run via "Aufgabenplaner"

Hi, I would like to start openhab via Aufgabenplaner.

The script looks like:


echo Launching the openHAB runtime…

if [ ! -z ${OPENHAB_RUNTIME} ]; then
RUNTIME="dirname "$0"/runtime"

exec “${RUNTIME}/bin/karaf” “${@}”

It works via Terminal but not in Aufgabenplaner.

Command in Aufgabenplaner is:
/volume1/SmartHome/openhab-2.5.12/ >>/volume1/homes/test.txt

Then I get the error message:
Launching the openHAB runtime…
java command not found

Anybody out there who can help?

means that the java binary is not found in the search path.

Yes I know. Do you have any idea how to modify the

As I don’t own a Synology following is not based on my experience just based on g**gle search:

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