Syntax Error in the .thing file HUE Bindings

Hello Everybody
I hope I’m right here and someone can help me.

I try to setup my Hue Bridge.
But in my .things file I got a error when i setup my lamps. (images 1 & 2)
The typ from the lamps are right. In the Paper UI, the lamps are listed.
What is my problem ?
Hope someone can help me.
Many thanks for the answer.
(I know my photoshop skills are not the best, sorry :rofl:)

Code in my .things file:

Bridge hue:bridge:bridge [ ipAddress="", userName="PFb42qhTQzvZu079jSS6PUbaDd12Rzxxxxxxx"]{
	 0210 blub1 [ lightId="1" ]
	 0210 blub2 [ lightId="2" ]
	 0210 blub3 [ lightId="3" ]

do you want to use textual configuration?
Because with PaperUI it would be easier.

I did a similar things file, but with VS Code. No error there.

But i would suggest to use the bridge id as discoverd by PaperUI (instead of “bridge”) and use light ids (instead of “blub”). You can enter the name and location directly in the things file.

I used logical ids like you before, but after some time PaperUI was always “discovering” a “new” bridge and bulbs. :wink:

Only if you have just a few things and never have to clear the db. If you need to restart sometimes, you need to do thousands of manual clicks and edits. Using things/items files you are done after installing.