Sysinfo-Binding in OH2

Hi there,

just wondering, if there is any possibility to run the systeminfo-binding in a way to get the info you usually get from the OH-Server also (additional) from another machine??

I run OH on a virtual machine (both ubuntu) and it would be more nice to get the sysinfo-data from the VM host instead the VM itself.
At the moment i run a cron-initiated script on the host and push some system-info-data via curl to the rest-api, but maybe there is a better way of doing it??

Any hint are highly apprechiated.

cheers, a.

Would SNMP be an option?

Hm, might be. Good idea, i´ve to have a look on it.
I don´t have much expierience with SNMP currently, but if i install it, it might also be a good way to get the rest of my IT-environment (switches, printer ,router etc) also reporting in OpenHAB.
Don´t have an idea at the moment, what´s to do with this data, but in ourdays it´s always better to have more info :wink:

Thanks for the hint!