System health

For a larger setup with many bindings I want to know the health status of openhab. Well, actually it is more about which binding is in which state. Let’s take homematic as an example: if the connection to the CCU is broken an ERROR message is logged and it tries to refresh. That’s good, but I want to know such a state in a rule. No items are being update to “Uninitialized” but instead the last “cached” value is reported even the binding is not connected to the gateway. What is the designed behavior of items state if the binding has a problem? Shouldn’t it go to Uninitialized like on boot-up time? And how to identify such a scenario in a rule when not a single item is updated? I see some approaches, but fear that this is a workaround rather than a solution:

  1. parse the logfile for ERROR using a exec binding or similar. Keep track of the last timestamp…
  2. install a roundtrip item that toggles on each request. if the value doesn’t change we can consider the binding has a problem. Not possible for every binding - possibly works for homematic but not for hue, tinker etc…
  3. repeatedly ping the IP of each gateway/thing and if timeout report to Switch Item

I’m on openhab 1.8 by the way… and still prefer 1.x at the moment being.

Any input very much appreciated!