System info - 2 (or more) harddisk

I used the System info binding for info on the system wich works. Using an old pc with Ubuntu 14.04 on it.

But i have two disk’s in the system. What is the channel for the second disk ?

{ channel="systeminfo:computer:work:drive#name1" }

does not do the trick
anyone ?

The documentation of the binding states:

The binding uses this index to get information about a specific device from a list of devices (e.g on a single computer several local disks could be installed with names C:, D:, E:\ - the first will have deviceIndex=0, the second deviceIndex=1 etc). If device with this index is not existing, the binding will display an error message on the console.
Unfortunately this feature can’t be used at the moment without manually adding these new channel groups to the thing description (located in ESH-INF/thing/computer.xml).

In this reported issue one user describes steps that he tried to add an other drive without success.
Searching the forum there are also other users struggling with the same independent if it’s about additional network interfaces or drives.

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