System:links configuration

on occasion I completely like to blow away my OH2 config and start from scratch… ive scripted most of the re-config but am hitting an issue with the system:links variable. I have it set to false in my runtime.cfg file, and checking it via PaperUI shows it as false… But it doesn’t seem to take properly…

The only way I can get it to take is to then set it to True in PaperUI and then back to false.

just as an aside I too have been trying to get Zwave things and channels and items working by config files, but, I must admit I gave up… Why, because once its defined in the file its completely unchangeable in the GUI’s even down to soft resetting the control. I eventually decided to setup my zwave env by hand and the dump the DB contents via the REST API, I now have a setup script which does the reverse and setups and configures my zwave devices via REST, its on onetime hit after install , but seems to work perfectly once the XML is tidied and sorted. The only thing that doesn’t currently work is the issue above, I have to remember to switch off system:links prior to running anything. As an alternative ive been playing with the new Z-Way binding, which is ok in my case as I have 2 Z-Ways, this means I can configure everything through Z-Way and then define my devices in standard item files since only one config item per device is needed i.e. the zwave node id. This isn’t to detract from Chris’s sterling work on Zwave, but, I like an easy life. (I’m thinking is should have split this into 2 threads now)

There were a couple of bugs in the Paper UI regarding saving the system:links information, see e.g. this PR. Those fixes are available in distro #504, so I would hope that this issue is solved now.

I’m thinking is should have split this into 2 threads now

I agree, as I cannot say much about the second part :wink: I can only link to this discussion, which is also about documenting how to use things files with the Z-Wave binding - maybe this helps.

Hi Kai, don’t worry about the second part, but I think u may have misread the first part,

All works well with Paper UI, the issue I have is that entering the property into runtime.cfg doesn’t seem to work, if it set it to false then items etc are still created, even though Paper UI and REST show the property as false. I can only stop the auto method by then setting it to true in Paper UI and then back to false again….