System Recommendations for a fresh start


I am not completely new to Smart Home, but I haven’t had one so far.
As I don’t have a system yet I am able to choose between several manufactures. In my current design openHAB would the base for all different gateways/bridges/IO-Devices I am going to use. So I would be able to combine several advantages coming from different systems while obliterating all their limitations.

But the problem is that I don’t know which ‘modules’ would be most suitable.

Klick to see which kind of Sensors/Actuators I want
  • Switch conventional lights from everywhere (e.g. fancy chandelier, spots in the ceiling etc.), while still being able to use traditional (european/german) looking switches. (like busch-jäger, gira etc.). If possible I would love to reuse my existing switch line, but this is not mandatory.
  • Switch outlets
  • Use some RGB light bulbs (e.g living/bed room etc.)
  • Control electric blinds
  • Control room temperatures with thermostat on wall and radiator
  • Motion switches
  • Brightness Sensors
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Door/Window contacts
  • Water/Humidity sensors
  • Smart surveillance or door camera
  • Later: Multi-room music with intuitive control via voice (and hopefully wall mounted IO-Device)
  • Speech control
  • Smartphone control from everywhere
  • A wall station (touchscreen) for control

My system design so far:

  • OpenHab as main control gateway
  • Amazon Echo for speech control
  • Phillips HUE (with Bridge) for some RGB LEDs
  • Tado for thermostats
  • Innogy or Homematic for conventional lights, outlets, window contacts
  • MyOpenHab for remote access
  • Some tablets/raspberries mounted on the wall showing the openHAB HABPANEL

I am most unsure with the Innogy or Homematic part and would be very thankful for every recommendations on this.

Im definitely aware that this will cost some money (thanks, please no discussion on that). I am able to connect outlets, switches etc. without killing myself. I am not afraid of a huge amount of work, time consuming setup or even writing scripts (when similar to languages like bash, python, lua, C, etc).

The house has normal european radiators, 3-wires (phase and neutral) in every switch.

I hope I provided enough information, but if I missed an important point, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Edit: I moved this to the Hardware Section, feeling it would fit better there.