System Started - What state is OH in when this fires?

(Michael Cumming) #1

I have read through lots of posts but its still not clear to me. When this rule fires does it mean that all bindings and items are loaded and ready to be used? Or what state is OH in when this rule fires?

(Vincent Regaud) #2

It can be any time in the start process. As soon as the rule file is loaded and parsed, I think.
Because of this there can be error messages because items are not initialised or transformation not installed yet

(Markus Storm) #3

Exactly. And if for instance an item used in a rule is instantiated after the rule has been loaded, that’ll make that rule fire again. If you want to be sure your rules only fire after items are loaded, you should delay loading rules as suggested here.

(Michael Cumming) #4

Thank you for the link. Seems to me that it would be reasonable to have OH maybe generate a System Ready event that we could catch versus these work arounds…

(Markus Storm) #5

Raise a github issue on openhab-core then, please.

(Danny mullen) #6

Please post the link here’s if you do raise a git issue. I will have comments.

(Michael Cumming) #7

i would post a github but am not sure how…

(Danny mullen) #8

You have to create an account.

Then find the openHAB-core repository

Last, click on issues and add the request in the form that pops up.

(Michael Cumming) #9