Systeminfo Binding - No Data for CPU load

After migrating my rules from from DSL to ECMA 5 and now ECMA 11, I got some problems with my CPU load. htop shows the informations, but I would like to log it over a longer period of time, typically the problems start around 24 hours after reboot.

Therefore, I installed the systeminfo binding and created the items. Everything works fine, but there are no values for process load, systeminfo:computer:openhabian:process#load stays UNDEFINED.

The log shows the following error:

[WARN ] [] - Failed to get information to use statvfs. path: /mnt/smb, Error code: 75

I am not shure, if the error has something to do with the missing value for process load. Can anyone give me a hint, how to get this working?

The other channels of systeminfo are working as expected, memory, storage, network etc.
My System: openhabian on Raspberry Pi 4B, openHAB 3.3.0.

CPU load or the load on a specific process? According to the docs there is no load Channel for the CPU. Instead there’s load1, load5, and load15 (for the average over 1 minute, five minutes, and 15 minutes repsectively.

The process:load Channel gives you the load of an individual process, not the whole CPU. I suspect you’ve not Configured the Channel to tell it which process to monitor.

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Thanks for the quick solution, I misunderstoud it.