Systeminfo + Push notification Not working

Greetings all,

I am having an issue getting push notifications to work with systeminfo. I already have systeminfo reporting the server stats that matter to me with no problems but I can’t seem to get push notifications to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Number systeminfo_openhab_memory {channel=“systeminfo:computer:openhab:memory#usedPercent”}


rule “systeminfo RAM alert”
Item systeminfo_openhab_memory changed
if (systeminfo_openhab_memory.state > 50) {
sendNotification("", “OpenHAB RAM Usage > 50”) }

Did you install the openHAB cloud connector in the paperUI?

Yup indeed I have, it is configured and the ios app is working perfectly.

The ios app has nothing to do with the openHAB cloud connection.
Have you tried sendBroadcastNotification("...

I tried to send a test message from to my device and the Push Notifications are not getting through as usual…