Systeminfo returns temperature of onewiregpio sensors

I’ve been ignoring the situation for the last time (years?),
but now that OH3 is out, i decided to ask for help and/or others experiencing the same issues.

So here is my setup:
I’m running openHAB on a Raspberry Pi 3 to which I also have 2 DS18B20 1-Wire sensors connected.
Using the onewiregpio binding, I can read the temperatures of both sensors correctly.
Additionally, I’m trying to get the CPU temperature via the systeminfo binding.

The systeminfo binding does return a value for the CPU temperature,
but it is the temperature of one of the 1-wire sensors.

Has anyone else also experienced this behavior?

Reading the CPU temp with the exec binding returns the correct temperature.
I’ve had this behavior with OH2.x and now still with OH3 - my OH3 installation is a fresh one (latest Raspbian installation) on the same RasPi.

I have the same problem with OH3. That was not the case with OH2.
Did you solve the problem?

No, of course not. That’s why started this topic :slight_smile: