[t.core.internal.addons.AddonResource] - Exception while installing add-on: null

  • Platform information: Docker - Update to 3.1.1

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    I tried to update to 3.1.1 - this results in a mess; The bindings did not install and the model is more or less completly broken.

  • I cleared the cache and restarted docker more than once.

A migration back to 3.1.0 results in the same error.
[ERROR] [t.core.internal.addons.AddonResource] - Exception while installing add-on: null


disabling remote-add on management and switching back on results in this error message

2021-12-20 21:57:30.636 [ERROR] [core.karaf.internal.FeatureInstaller] - Failed installing 'openhab-binding-knx': Error:
        Error downloading mvn:org.openhab.addons.bundles/org.openhab.binding.knx/3.1.1

Where did you start from? This might be relevant -

i started from 3.1.0.

i cleared the issue - it was a java-options problem. Until now - it seems like these options i had put in for some reasons i do not remember does now “work”

-Dhttp.proxySet=true -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=443 -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=192.168.176.*|

Removing them solved the problem.