T100 Thermostat Heat and Cool setpoint can be adjusted from PaperUI, but not from BasicUI

I have an Evolve T100 Thermostat, also known as an RCS TZ43. The Z-Wave binding identifies the item, and through the PaperUI I can view and edit the Heat and Cool setpoints. However, the same items in the BasicUI are view only - I don’t have the ability to edit them.

My items as imported to the *.items file:
Number:Temperature F2_Thermostat_SetpointHeating “Setpoint (heating)” (F2_Thermostat) [“TargetTemperature”] {channel=“zwave:device:dfe46e8c:node96:thermostat_setpoint_heating”}

Number:Temperature F2_Thermostat_SetpointCooling “Setpoint (cooling)” (F2_Thermostat) [“TargetTemperature”] {channel=“zwave:device:dfe46e8c:node96:thermostat_setpoint_cooling”}

In PaperUI, under control, I see the setting as a number. Clicking on the number I see a small up/down arrow selection which lets me edit the number, and a green check circle to accept. In BasicUI, I just see the number. No ability to edit.

Other thermostat parameters, including mode and state, are editable in both UIs with drop-down menus.

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How do you show those items on your sitemap?
Probably not using a Setpoint


That was it. Originally I put them in a common group, and just used the Group item.

Frame label=“Upstairs” icon=“attic” {
Group item=F2_Thermostat

Now, I’m spelling the items out, like this, and it works:
Frame label=“Thermostat” {
Setpoint item=ZF2_Thermostat_SetpointHeating
Setpoint item=ZF2_Thermostat_SetpointCooling
So that just referenced the default ‘Number’ item type. So they displayed as Numbers. Thanks!

PaperUI must automatically infer that it is a setpoint?

And, I guess was not understanding the difference between item type and element type. The lingo is a bit confusing for a newbie, as it refers to items as elements sometimes. I think I get it now though. Item Type when defining them in .items, and Element Type when using them in a .sitemap. And sometimes the default works the way you expect it to.

Yes, sometimes it seems to be smart :wink:

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