T100 thermostat

OH3, 2 week old install, Aeotec Gen5 Z-Wave stick

I’m using an Evolve T100 Thermostat.

There is no channel available to set the ‘home’, ‘away’, etc. mode of the thermostat. This is different than the ‘off’, ‘cool’, ‘auto’, etc mode channel. From the manual:

If your controller does not support full thermostat device class functions, it may still be able to
control the energy saving AWAY mode of the thermostat through BASIC_SET commands.
Sending the BASIC_SET (Value = 0x00), the thermostat will go into the AWAY mode and use the
predefined AWAY setback setpoints. These setpoints are set in the Main Menu Away Setpoints item.
Sending the BASIC_SET (Value = 0xFF), the thermostat will revert back to the Home mode it was in
before the BASIC_SET (Value = 0x00) command was sent.
Note that when the BASIC_SET commands are sent, the T-100R will momentarily display the new

Looks like this is available if a channel was added to the device, or if I had access the BASIC_SET command by creating my own channel (but I don’t think this is possible with the binding).

Could this device be updated to add this channel?

It is a community supported database but I see no Z-Wave information in the manyal. I see there are no association groups defined so I am not even sure how it is working with Z-Wave. Sometimes trying to find the data is like a treasure hunt.

Agreed! I was also wondering how this one worked without associations; I assumed maybe there was a default thermostat model, so they didn’t have to be specifically defined? All the defined channels work as expected.

For all device entries we start with the xml file PH writes to the zwave directory under userdata. That is data given directly by the device firmware and defines the channels.

We add a pdf copy of the manual and a device image. The manual hopefully lists the association group & configuration parameter information.

If it is not there we sometimes need to perform some creative “treasure hunt” searches. The database guide is here.

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