Tabbed page config props not usable


when i add a tabbed page, there is a “Page configuration” menu entry where i expect to configure a page, for example set it up with certain items. If you click on it, its blank, so i think you have to set up properties for the page first … but unfortunately a page can’t have imo a props item to define properties …

What’s this configure option for and how to use it?

Best regards

When you add pages to the tabbed page it is expecting that you have already created that page using one of the other page creation wizards. With the tabbed page you are just collecting them into one place. The Page Configuration is only if you have included a properties section on one of those already constructed pages. For example, if you have created a chart page with the item in the chart defined by a property, you can set that chart to be multiple different tabs with a different items for each chart as defined by the properties.

Okay, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: so i misunderstood a bit. I way originally searching for a possibility to “reuse” a page again with different items. In my certain scenario i wanted to setup a page for radiators and just change the “input items”, since they are basically the same …