Tado temperature badges


I’m running Openhab 3 on my Synology.
I build my house and that works oke.
When i go to the first page locations, i can’t see the temperature in the badge?
I enabled all the tado settings in “Edit location card”, “Enabled Badges”.
Average temperature (+setpoint) is on
Average Humidity is on

Does not work at all??
The only thing i can see is the Hue light icon with number of lights when on.

Somthing with Tado.items maybe? And if Yes, where do i find it and how to change this file?
(tado° - Bindings | openHAB)


The location card badges are not based off of a binding or a thing, they are the result of how you define your items.
Have a look here as it shows how to define an item to get visibility for a badge.

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Thanx Chris!

I will take a look at this.
I was following the manual page by page without any knowledge.

Learning more every day…

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