Tado° thermostat integration : how to?

Hi there !

I am installing openHAB, integrating my various pieces of equipment and I was wondering how to integrate my Tado° smart thermostat. I can see there are no binding for it (yet), and I don’t have the knowledge to develop one myself.
Does anyone has succeeded in integrating the Tado thermostat with openHAB ?
Or any other alternative such as replacing a thermostat by thermostatic valves + rules ?

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Tado° seems to be very shy about providing public links to the API information (I just looked). If you used my.openHAB, you could integrate between openHAB and Tado° using IFTTT, but ideally they would offer up better information about their API publicly, aside from just a press release, so there could be an openHAB binding developed for it. If they send me a test unit and all the information, I might consider developing it myself! (I’m going to need a European thermostat for a split system heat pump in the next month or two).

Hi Watou,

thanks for your quick reply. I am actually using my.openhab but I excluded using IFTT: I don’t want to rely on yet another external provider and build my “home” automation on external services without any SLA. That said, Tado° API will certainly be a web API, not a local API, so the problem on relying on external services remains.
I will contact them and talk to them about supplying you with a test unit. I’ll keep you posted ! :wink:

Thanks, Serge! Perhaps a Tado° binding would not be too different from the Nest and Ecobee ones I wrote earlier. They are both very good thermostats, but they were primarily designed with North American HVAC systems in mind. The Tado° might be just what I’m looking for, for a modern European heating system. Feel free to give them my email at john at cocula dot com. Thanks very much!


I’m really interested on tado, especially the new thermo valves (Q3 2016).

It seems much better than Danfoss solution (based on z-wave).


Good morning to all. I’m a newby in openhab, but I am a news that maybe can interest someone. I connected my TaDo thermostat (read only) with openhat with the next item:

Number TaDo_Temperature “TaDo [%.1f °C]” (GrLiving) { http="<[https://my.tado.com/api/v1/home/my_home_id/hvacState?password=my_password&username=my_mail:30000:JSONPATH($.insideTemperature.celsius)]" }


Reading the JSON response you can find other values instead temperature.

I hope to be useful for someone.