Tag for Shutters on google assistant

Can someone help me with a question about integrating google assistant with OpenHab.
What tag should I use to move up and down the rollershutters?
Right now there are only the ones i know:

With the tag, [“Switchable”] rises 5cm and stops.
Some help?

I use [“Lighting”], with the wording “Rollershutter to 80%”, and the answer is “The lamp rollershutter is set to 80%”. If someone knows a better solution, please let us know :slight_smile:

The biggest issue is that Google still only have a limited number of device types and traits
…that said, it looks like it is coming…https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51353342/google-smart-home-command-for-blinds

Apparently it’s there now

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Has there been an update to Openhab’s Google Assistant tags to include Shutters / Garage door type so we can say “Open” and “Close” instead of on / off? I see that there is a specific Garage Door device type with OpenClose trait. https://developers.google.com/actions/smarthome/guides/garage

more or less: https://community.openhab.org/t/official-google-assistant-integration-for-openhab/40425/872?u=geworfener

Unfortunatly not, for garagedoors. But for blinds/rollershutter open/closed works fine.
If you have a garagedoor which operate as a Dimmer type thing, then I would say you could get it to work. But if its a switch, it wont work.
The tag is [“Blinds”]

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My Item type is Rollershutter (MQTT thing). When I tried [“Blinds”] as a tag, it shows up on Google Home as blinds, but I cannot control it, i.e. no open / close / up/ down/ stop etc. When I said “Hey Google, close the garage door”. It says “Sure, closing the Garage Door”. But nothing happened.

EDIT: never mind, looking at the log, I see it issued the 0 and 100 commands. I have updated my rule accordingly, and it now works.

were you also able to control it using the google home app or only using voice command?

only with voice command!

Is it somehow possible to add the “Blinds” tag via PaperUI? I have “Blinds” in the Category field in the PaperUI item “editor”, but Google Home does not find those Rollershutters…

Hi Paulo, did you resolve this problem? It seems I have the same issue…