Tags disappeared after reboot (again)


I am using OH 2.1 on a RPi3.
IAs I use both ImperiHome and Homekit (works great) I have added a lot of tags to my items. I add & edit tags via habmin.

Now, it has happend already the 2nd. time that tags disappear after a reboot. The system works still fine - but just most of the tags have vanished.
When this has happend the 1st. time , I just re-entered all tags again (which takes quite a time, especially for the imperihome-tags).

However, yesterday it has happend again: after a reboot the tags have been gone.
What have I tried to solve the problem?

  • cleared the cache
  • rebooted again
  • shutdown , removed from power-supply, rebooted again

-> tags still gone.

Maybe it’s a bug - so I want to report it.
Or maybe someone has a soluation - I would appreciate that.

Please dont misunderstand me: it’s not really a big deal, I have no problem to re-enter the tags manually.

best regards

Maybe a silly question, but what is a tag ? Where exactly do you enter it (show a screenshot maybe) ?
I assume you’re using some field that is not supposed to be used for that purpose.
Does it appear in jsondb after you enter it ? (/var/lib/openhab2/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json).
If you want to report this as an error, please open a Github issue.

If you want to use i.e. Homekit or Imperihome than you need to add to items “tags” (I will post in a few minutes a screen-shot.

I am quite sure that I use “tags” in the supposed way - as Imperihome and Homekit work very well (and they would not work without using tags) :wink:

I am using just Habmin, PaperUi … so I do not go “so deep into the system” ,so I do not actively check or deal with the jsondb.

Hey @mstormi,

You can read something about tags here:

Hi @mstormi

please find below the promised screen-shot.

This is a screen-shot of Habmin where you can add or edit tags. (I am runninbg Habmin in German language ; so “Kennzeichen” = “tags”)

In this example I have added the tag “Ligthing” to this items; with this tag Apple’s HomeKit can find this item in your system.

Concerning my problem of “disappearing tags” after a re-boot:
I have decided to re-enter the tags once again manually - I just hope this happens not too often. :slight_smile:


jsondb is where habmin will store what you enter, so please check if your tags are in.
Either way, now while I didn’t know tags, you seem to use them the intended way, so if they’re not properly stored in jsondb (or maybe stored but not loaded on startup?), that’s probably a bug. So open a Github issue and describe this behavior there.

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