Tahoma Somfy binding don`t connected to Cozytouch

I use Somfy Tahoma binding and try to connect Bridge to Cozytouch Cloud portal.
And got:

Error logging in (check your credentials)

Login and password are correct. The Cloud portal is correct too (ha110-1.overkiz.com)

What can it be?

It was working in the past. Should try again myself.

Did you check?

I just tried to create a bridge using ha110-1.overkiz.com, my CozyTouch login and password, and the bridge thing is ONLINE. So apparently the connection is fine.

Hmm. When I updated to OH 3.3, the problem went out.

Next problems(. OH 3.3. Target - boiler ATLANTIC Vertigo.
I find it and added as Thing. I can see in Thing Properties changing modbuslink:DHWBoostModeState, for example.
But all chanels don`t react on any changes(. Values are Null always. What can it be?