Take image from camera binding when doorbell rings

Hi, I have OH3 on a RPI4. Two weeks ago i have installed a Shelly 1 to send messages when somebody rings the doorbell. It work really fine: if somebody rings the doorbell I get via himekit a push message. Now I would like to go one step further: Take A picture via my Foscam Camera when somebody rings the doorbell. I have installed the camera binding and i connected my OH3 to the Foscam, that works as well! Please can you help my in the right direction: what is the best next step? are there any examples which i can reuse?

Since i do not believe that it is possible to push images trough my phone via homekit, I will connect my OH3 installation to the cloud, so I can use the OH IOS app.

Thanks for your help!

Assuming you mean the IP Camera binding, there are two Channels you need for this. One of them is a Switch that will poll the camera for the current image. The other one is an Image Channel that will hold the captured image. Thus, just command the Switch to ON and it will capture the Image.

You can do more than that such as capture and animated gif.

thanks! Yes I used the Ipcamera binding. Have now made a solution: If somebody rings the bell, a scripts sends via Telegram the picture to my channel. Works really well!

Thanks for you support